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How to Line a Softball Field 


  • Home team lines the field; Visitors stay and rake after
  • Arrive about 30 minutes early (it usually works best to have 2 people for this job)
  • If the field was used just prior to your game – try to use the base path lines from that game.
  • You will need the following supplies: batter's box template, liner (full of lime), string, and pitcher's circle string

Batter’s Box:

  • Lay the batter's box template down to one side of home plate, matching up the home plate notch (be sure the box extends 4' in front of home plate, and 3' behind home plate)
  • Step on the template hard to mark the outline of the box in the dirt
  • Pick up the template and move to the other side of home plate, repeating the above step
  • Remove the template and trace over the lines you made in the dirt with the liner - be sure to use the 2" setting on the liner

Base Paths:

  • Take the string on the roller, and hold the nail in the corner of home plate
  • Have the other person walk with the roller down the first base line all the way to the grass (the string should go right between the double bag on first base)
  • Trace over this string with the liner (on the 2" setting) all the way to the grass (just walk right on over 1st base with that liner)
  • Go back to home plate and hold the nail down in the corner of the plate; the other person (who should still be standing in the grass just beyond 1st base) will walk with the roller over to third base, not tangling the string (trust me, you don't want to tangle it!)
  • The string should now lie just on the outside edge of third base
  • Again, trace the string with the liner (on the 2" setting) down the 3rd base line, all the way to the grass

Pitcher's Circle:

  • Take the 8' piece of string with a nail on the end of it out to the pitcher's mound
  • One person will hold the end of the string down on the front middle edge of the pitcher's rubber
  • The other person will put the nail in the dirt and walk around the mound, tracing a circle (the person holding the other end of the string will need to spin around during this process)
  • With the liner (2" setting) go over this traced line in the dirt

Voila; -) You just lined a softball field!



  • After the game, you must rake around each base, including the pitcher's mound and home plate. Fill in any holes made during the game by moving the dirt to these areas.
  • Give the base paths a quick raking as well, and any other high traffic areas – UNLESS THERE IS A GAME IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING YOUR GAME – then please try to conserve the base paths lines for the next game.
  • Drag the field with the small drag!