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Watch Our Instructional Videos

Get ready for the season by watching our instructional videos.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos. 


Video 24: Batting Drill: Grab the fence! 

Video 23: Batting Drill: Dropping the bat in the load. 

Video 22: Batting Drill: Rhythm and balance. 

Video 21: Hitting Side Toss Basics.

Video 20: Athletic Position in softball.

Video 19: Catching a ball; basics.

Video 18: Fielding Position Ground balls.

Video 17: Receive a throw for a force out. 

Video 16: Rapid fire side to side movement. 

Video 15: Fielding Drill: Tap drill.

Video 14: Catching a ball in the air forehand and backhand.

Video 13: Fielding - Backhand and footwork. 

Video 12: Fielding: Catching a ball to the glove side and getting feet set to throw.

Video 11: Throwing basics.

Video 10: Find throwing flaws with your players.

Video 9: Catching throwing out baserunner to 2B

Video 8: Should your catcher talk to the umpire? Of course!  Catching talking with the umpire

Video 7: Catching passed ball or wild pitch with runners on

Video 6: Catching framing a pitch just outside of strike zone

Video 5: Catching blocking a pitch in the dirt

Video 4: Catching basic set up

Video 3: Hitting-lower half of body: Nice wide athletic base enables balance, back knee starting the turn before the hands move...🥎⚡️

Video 2: Hitting-Hands, arms power V, extension at and after contact.

Video 1: Batting- Putting it all together:  Also key point at the end on the benefits of hitting off a tee and watching the ball travel! Do it in a batting cage or on the field.