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What is my daughter's 'League Age'?

Your daughter's Amateur Softball Association (ASA) 'League Age' is determined by what her age was on January 1 of the current year.  If she was 10 on January 1, in the eyes of softball, she remains 10 for the entire year, even after she turns 11 on her birthday.  

This explains why you have some girls who are actually 11 playing in the 10U league.  On January 1, they were 10 and are eligible for play in the 10U league. Or perhaps a 13 year old playing in the 12U league in the Fall. January 1 is the deciding date for the whole year.

If you or your daughter feels that she should be playing up at the next age level, before the season begins and teams are formed, speak to a coach, the commissioner, or a member of the player development team to arrange a skills assessment to make sure she can safely play at the next level.  'Aging up' between the Spring Season and the Fall Season because your daughter had a birthday is by no means automatic and depends on the skills, softball IQ, level of focus and maturity of the girl involved. 

Age level changes are not made mid-season and should be discussed with the coaches prior to the formation of teams.