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Conduct expectations among the FHYAA community:
The mission of Fort Hunt Softball is to provide a quality youth softball program for the Fort Hunt and surrounding communities. Fort Hunt Softball is intended to provide girls with the opportunity to experience softball in an atmosphere that encourages and promotes teamwork, good sportsmanship, and friendships in a positive, safe and supportive environment.
Fort Hunt Softball expects coaches, players, and spectators to exhibit courtesy and proper decorum at all times.
Below are links to the Coach, Player, and Spectator Codes of Conduct.  Each member of the FHYAA community is expected to adhere to theses codes and principles of sportsmanship, fair play and mutual respect among all members of the sporting community.
While we all like to win, our goal is to groom and grow women who have athletic skills, but also have humility, honor and high character.  Disrespect, taunting, bullying and aggression towards others will not be tolerated in our community and we hope that you will be part of our movement towards keeping sports as a positive environment for our children and the Fort Hunt community as a whole.