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How to turn on and off the lights


We have lights at Walt Whitman I and Sandburg. 


The lights at Walt Whitman 1 are turned on and off with a key that is located in the shed on a hook on the right side as you enter. 

  • Grab the keys and walk to the large green utility box between the shed and the visitor’s dugout.
  • You will find a lone spot for a key. 
  • You place the key in and turn. 
  • Please note that when you turn the lights off, you cannot turn them back on immediately.   



The lights at Sandburg do not require a key. 

  • Instead walk past the batting cage, to the utility box. 
  • The first grey box has two buttons on and off. 
  • Please note that the outfield lights will turn off immediately, but the remaining lights will stay on for approximately 30 minutes.  


If you have questions about the lights or if they are not functioning properly, please email FHYAAsoftball@gmail.com