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Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association (FHYAA) and Fort Hunt Youth Softball want to stress the importance of concussion awareness for all players, parents and coaches.  We take the health and welfare of your daughter very seriously. 

When in doubt, sit out! Please educate yourself and your child about concussion dangers signs and encourage her to mention to you and her coach if there has been a blow to the head of any kind, a rough hit on the field, even if it doesn't include the head, or any event that may have happened before she arrived on the field.

The potential for injury is much higher if she continues to play when injured. If she has any of the symptoms of a possible concussion, the safest path is to sit out and remove your daughter from active play or practice until a physician can be seen. 

Concussion warning signs and protocols are being posted in the dugouts.

Use the following links to find Concussion Information from the CDC plus the CDC's Heads Up Online Training Course.

What is a concussion?

Concussion danger signs

CDC handouts and information for Coaches

CDC handouts and information for Parents

CDC handouts and information for Athletes


**Concussion Baseline testing now available at the INOVA Concussion Clinic.  Click this link for more information.