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Our 2021 spring 18U team had an excellent season that concluded with a first place finish in 2021 Jay White All-Star Tournament.  We wish our departing seniors all the best and look forward to their continued support of FH softball.  

(Pictured:  L to R: Coach Joe Sowers, Janna, Maggie, Ella, Ashley, Avery, Ava, Rosie, Coach Garr
Kneeling: L to R: Emma, Alese, Lizzie and Anna)

Our spring 12U all-star team capped an excellent season with a second place finish in the 2021 Jay White All-Star Tournament.  These ladies are the epitome of teamwork and grit!  We are looking forward to making more great memories this fall!


(Pictured Back L to R:  Kolby, Piper, Erin, Tabitha, Lydia, Addison, Phoebe, and Hailey
Kneeing L to R:  MacKenzie, Megan, Deirdre, and Charlotte)

Resilience.  That is what our 10U All-Star team emulated.  Self-named "The Yetis", our 10u girls walked away on Sunday with a hard fought 3rd place.  Due to COVID and the lack of a season last spring, none of our players had faced many aspects of tournament play before this weekend.  From our pitchers giving up walks, batters contending with strikeouts, base runners stealing away, and outfielders chasing down balls.  All that to try and prepare for in only 1 true practice, let alone to get the girls to know each others names (and coaches too!).  And this was already coming straight off of some hard losses during our own FH playoffs (which was AMAZING!).  Emotions ran high, as did the heat.  But we couldn't be more proud of how the girls played.  Walking away on Saturday with a record of 1-0-1, we were guaranteed a shot at the title.  However, we met our match on Sunday with our 1st loss, but again, our girls showed resilience and stepped up in the second game with a win and our 3rd place podium spot.  Congrats to all the girls!!  We truly believe another day we could have won it all.  

Pictured:  Carina, Dani, Riley, Jordie, Paige, Molly, Sydney
                Tess, Clara, Claire, Grace, Bernie, Sadie


The Fort Hunt 8u all-star team played their BIG hearts out on a scorcher of an all-star weekend!! We are so proud of their skill, teamwork, integrity, kindness and sportsmanship! Amazing girls and awesome season. Cheers to our softball future!

Pictured L to R: Coach Kristine Paschalis, Lauren, Chloe, Sadie, Elena, Nora, Callie, Leona, Hadley, Blythe, Clare, Coach Thomas O'Brien).


Watch Our Instructional Videos

Get ready for the season by watching our instructional videos.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos. 


Video 24: Batting Drill: Grab the fence! 

Video 23: Batting Drill: Dropping the bat in the load. 

Video 22: Batting Drill: Rhythm and balance. 

Video 21: Hitting Side Toss Basics.

Video 20: Athletic Position in softball.

Video 19: Catching a ball; basics.

Video 18: Fielding Position Ground balls.

Video 17: Receive a throw for a force out. 

Video 16: Rapid fire side to side movement. 

Video 15: Fielding Drill: Tap drill.

Video 14: Catching a ball in the air forehand and backhand.

Video 13: Fielding - Backhand and footwork. 

Video 12: Fielding: Catching a ball to the glove side and getting feet set to throw.

Video 11: Throwing basics.

Video 10: Find throwing flaws with your players.

Video 9: Catching throwing out baserunner to 2B

Video 8: Should your catcher talk to the umpire? Of course!  Catching talking with the umpire

Video 7: Catching passed ball or wild pitch with runners on

Video 6: Catching framing a pitch just outside of strike zone

Video 5: Catching blocking a pitch in the dirt

Video 4: Catching basic setup

Video 3: Hitting-lower half of body: Nice wide athletic base enables balance, back knee starting the turn before the hands move...🥎⚡️

Video 2: Hitting-Hands, arms power V, extension at and after contact.

Video 1: Batting- Putting it all together:  Also key point at the end on the benefits of hitting off a tee and watching the ball travel! Do it in a batting cage or on the field.



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